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The 'front' entrance in South Street is not used.
The 'main' entrance is the back entrance from the Council Car Park. (Pay and Display) This can ONLY be reached via Locks Hill. The exit is only via Back Lane to West Street (no Right turn in West Street.
See Map above.

RW Bro Rodney Lister Bass OBE

We regret to advise that our Provincial Grand Master/Grand Superintendent of Essex, RW Bro Rodney Lister Bass, OBE, passed to the Grand Lodge above on Tuesday 14th July 2020, aged 74 years.
The Directors of Rochford Masonic Hall offer their sincere condolences to his wife Margaret and all his family at this very sad time.

Rochford Masonic Hall -re-opening

On July 16th The Board of Directors resolved that the Hall would remain closed until Monday 2nd November 2020.
Full details have been circulated to all Secretaries etc.


New Caterers have been appointed and when the current 'situation' has been resolved, full details will be advised
Current Menus shoen are out of date.


Rochford Masonic Hall welcomed the Centurion Mark Lodge 1804 to its first meeting its new venue
8th April was another date in the Lodges history; a new venue. Very well attended meeting.


To assist Lodges etc who may be too small to afford an Organist, a "One Touch Organ" has now been installed
The Screen is password protected so that there can be no expensive mistakes in 'opening and shutting' it down.
On Saturday 4th October, St Katharines Lodge welcomed W Bro John Davies PSGD, APGM. The Lodge became the first to use the system and it was an apparent success. Bill Knapp was the first member to actually use it in a ceremony and found it easy to use. The (very) few mistakes were taken well.
Once again it is emphasised that for the those Lodges who are fortunate to have an Organist, it is not intended to be a replacement for him; more a facility to enable those Lodges, too small enough to be able to afford one, have an enhancement to their Lodge meetings.
Further details and training evenings are available subject to demand, please contact Derek Childs


John Smoothy has published a Brief History of Lodge of True Friendship - Click on the Documents Page above. It is a good example of a 'Brief History'.

It would be a good idea if Secretaries could compile a brief History of their Lodge for inclusion on that Page.

Please send your history, or give Ian Whitley, via the Contacts page, some notes. He will compile an entry for you and re-submit it for your approval.

Banner photos have been taken and will be loaded at some stage, either as a separate page or to replace an existing one. Some histories have been received, but more would be welcome.


The Stairs and Entrance have now all been recarpeted.

There are new lights and a lowered ceiling downstairs.

Also the light switch for has been moved from the entrance lobby to the bottom of the stairs to make it easier to use by those coming in through the back entrance.

Plans are in place for better hand 'blowers' in the toilets


Will members please note that no drink is allowed in the Temple, only water.

As has already been commented:

"I am most grateful for the efforts of all concerned in restoring our Temple to better than its former glory. It certainly looks fantastic again."

The Board of Directors have requested Secretaries etc. to REMIND all members on your 3rd Rising that NO drinks, other than water, should be taken into the Temple; particularly now the new carpets are fitted. This also applies to Lodges, Chapters etc of Instruction.

UGLE have always insisted that no alcohol is allowed into Temples. This means at any time, no matter if there is a meeting or not.

post code


Curious†about the Holy Royal†Arch (Chapter)?

Want to know what its all about?
Tabula Rotunda Chapter is hosting what is called a Red Table meeting at Saxon Hall on Monday 10th †February.
This is were a Master Mason can visit a Chapter after it has been formally closed so he can see the Chapter, view its regalia and robes ; hear presentations about its history, why its a completion of a Master Masons journey through ancient Masonry and ask †questions.
You can then mix with the Companions (as they are called) and then †dine with the members at a †Festive Board. (cost £25)
†Contact W Bro Frank James to book in† or if you have any queries


Requests for equipment should now be made to 07732 378656 and not the previous number.
Please send any donations to Terry Webb, 63 Branksome Avenue, Hockley SS5 5PG who is Treasurer.
Terry Webb posted a in the CUBE group Southend and Essex Masonic Welfare Trust: IMPORTANT CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS - Please note that to contact the Trust via our secretary W.BRO. MICHAEL WESTWICK the email address to use is: : Would you please update your computer address book to make this the default email address


Details of cufflinks to match new Provincial Tie>> CLICK HERE FOR Amended link with order form

see Lodge News Page

for an interesting article about a father, son and grandson at
St Margaret's Lodge No. 5168



At the Quarterly Communication meeting of 10 September 2014, a new consolidation statement was approved concerning any photgraph or information (whether in the form of text, images or otherwise) by electronic means from within a Lodge Room relating to a meeting in progress there, whether transmission is to a single person or group of individuals, is prohibited.
A reminder of Rule 177 of the Book of Constitutions is given. It also points out that whilst the taking of photographs during the after proceedings (and, less importantly, during a reception between a meeting and dinner) is unlikely to offend against any Rule of the B of C, it can nevertheless be intrusive and distracting.
Brethren are remminded that good manners dictate that an agreement of the individuals concerned should be obtained before they are photographed informally in such a context, and that such photographs be taken during the after proceedings only with the permission of the Master or whoever presides at dinner.


Please see the links on the Lodge News Page


Alan Harvey OBE has compiled a confirmed list of the above , correct at 30 April 2014
Click this link>> List


Door push bars have been fitted to the exit door leading from the bar to the door leading to the rear staircase and from the temple fire exit door (to the left of the Masters Chair) to the stairs.
It is no longer possible to gain access to the bar and toilet from this fire exit from the temple.
Its also important that nothing is placed in front of the exit door in the dining room at the bottom of the stairs that leads into the dining room


A defibrillator has now been purchased for Rochford Masonic Hall at no cost to Lodges, Chapters or other Orders meeting here.
It is situated behind the bar.
It is completely automatic.
To boost the confidence of those willing to use it, a free training programme is available at Basildon Eastgate Centre.
This is run by Lee Riches, a member of St Katharine's Lodge.

He is fully qualified and accredited by the British Heart Foundation.

Lodges, Chapters etc are requested to put forward 2 or 3 members who can attend these sessions at no cost to themselves or Lodges.

Please click here to advise W Bro Derek Childs by email of the names and he will liaise with Bro Lee Riches for a suitably convenient time. Training/explanation of the procedure will be in small groups of 6.

It is however expected that the Lodge will make a donation of at least £50 to The British Heart Foundation.
These cheques should be taken or sent to Derek Childs at the Rochford Masonic Hall (address above)
in an envelope marked BHF.
He will collate them and present them to the Foundation via Bro Lee Riches.



Please see the page ROOF REPAIRS for updates and pictures.

The work has now finished and the photos show the new roof covering.

Founding Lodges
Click on the blue link above for more detail.

It is necessary to include a short 'disclaimer' which also includes some acknowledgements.

Our Temple.
You can see other views in our Picture Gallery.
Banqueting Suite
with ample seating for guests.
Our welcoming Bar

Document Page Items

  • History of Rochford Hall
  • Did you know?
  • Founding Lodges
  • Full Circle
  • Origins of the Centre
  • Lodge of True Friendship
  • Trinity Lodge
and many more interesting items.


CLICK HERE for 2020 pocket calendar for all Orders meeting at Rochford
Changes to the May Bank Holiday and another event have made some lodges not meeting on their normal day

It can be printed out on two sides of one sheet of A4 for a useful diary (i.e. print page 1 on the back of page 2).

Annual Frequency dates

Click here for List of Lodge ANNUAL frequency dates
PLease check if this is up to date and if not please advise.

see list for last update

A complete list of the Secretaries of Lodges, Chapters and orders that currently meet at Rochford Masonic Hall
for date of last update see foot of list


This is Rochfords Daylight Lodge which meets during daylight hours, usually about 11am with a light lunch at about 13.00hrs
Joining Members are welcome and any Initiates who would prefer to meet during daylight hours. It does give initiates and Joining Members a chance for rapid promotion if desired.
The Lodge meets 4 times a year May, July, September and December. The December meeting is a White Table at Rochford Hundred Golf Club .
There are 1st class lectures, both Masonic and Non-Masonic as well as Rehearsals of Masonic Workings. On various days we arrange golf and bowls matches but these are by no means the main aims or our Daylight Lodge.
Our Subscription fees are very modest and members pay on the day for lunch if required.
We meet in a friendly, relaxed manner. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION contact the Lodge Secretary Frank James; his details are on the List of Secretaries , above this note.


Following criticism about the candles being used by Chapters, Derek Childs, Rochford Masonic Hall Secretary, sought help from a leading firm that supplies Church Candles and which also supplies the special candles, wicks and oil to Grand Lodge.

These candles together with the special wicks and oil have now been purchased by RMH and are ready for use.

Will Scribe E's please take note and advise their Janitors as soon as possible that these wicks do NOT need trimming, as they burn down without any need of attention. They will not be able to be refilled with the special oil as Derek keeps and has control of all the new type candles, wicks and oil.

It is not therefore necessary for any maintenance to be carried out by any other person.

If any problem is experienced please contact Derek Childs

We have had a number of enquiries about these from all over the UK. Please contact Derek as above, or through the Contact page if any help is needed.

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